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Moon Walk’s message:

We are all so entrenched in our practical habits of communication: communicating to accomplish tasks, to get from point A to point B, or simply to fill dead air. We share small pieces of ourselves: how our day was, an annoyance at work or school, a positive life event, etc., but rarely do we venture beyond those shallow waters. When we try to share the deeper things—the gnawing uncertainties, the fear, the hope—we often struggle to find the words, or can’t bear to speak to the true gravity of the thing for fear of judgment or rejection. This is Sam’s struggle in Moon Walk.

Unfortunately, this cultural inability to connect is especially prevalent in men. Statistically, a man is 3.5 times more likely than a woman to die by suicide. That’s staggering. Men are literally dying from lack of connection; from societal pressure to avoid vulnerability. In Moon Walk, the two men recognize their need for each other, but neither Alex nor Sam know how to bridge the gap. They’re on their way to becoming victims of their own masculinity, when a feminine force joins their lives, and acts as permission for them to express themselves truthfully. As she physically changes their home, she changes it spiritually as well. 

Moon Walk was first performed at Emerson College in the spring of 2018. The process began with a rough script and a small team of artists. By the time the play premiered, we had built a family and made a powerful piece of art that spoke to us deeply, and we could only hope spoke to our audience in a similar way. Now, we’ve been given the opportunity to perform our strange little show at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, one of the biggest theatre festivals in the world. We are nervous and excited and hopeful.

Winner of 2019 EVVY Award for Outstanding Stage Direction

Winner of the 2019 EVVY Award for Outstanding Director for the Stage